For the most complete festival experience we have prepared a wonderful campsite.

Camping fee is 20 euro a person and is valid if you check in for the whole weekend or if you check in on friday or saturday (+ buying or having a valid friday or combiticket when checking in on friday and buying or having a valid saturday or combi ticket when checking in on saturday). If you check in on sunday the fee is 10 euro (+ buying or having a valid sunday ticket). In every case the camping site is open until monday morning. The camping site is only accessible with a valid festival ticket or valid festival bracelet.  Your car can only be parked in parking lot.

Your stay on the campsite allows you a better festival stay. Party at the festival, relax and sleep at the camping.

Address of the festival and camping: BEERSELERDIJK, B-3960 Bree (B)

Facilities on the campsite

  • toilets + special toilet for the disabled
  • showers
  • washing basins with drinking-quality water
  • charging point for mobile phones (not secured/locked, so keep an eye on it yourself) 
  • compressor to blow up your air mattress
  • breakfast tent with an extensive and healthy breakfast from 08:30 to 12.00
  • drinkstand – with sandwiches and fresh fruit from 12:00 to 21:00
  • cateringstand with french fries and snacks from 12:00 until several hours after festival closure
  • BBQ zone with shared bbq and space for own BBQs and gas cooking
  • Free garbage bags for every person at the entrance
  • garbage containers distributed over the camp site
  • info stand / lost&found at the camping entrance
  • security staff
  • 24/24 manned first aid post

Camping rules

Please follow these simple rules:

  • The camping staff is in charge and gardes the rules and common sence on the camping stie.  Please obey their advice and rules.
  • You can only get access to the camping stie when you have a valid festival ticket or festival bracelet. If you arrive on friday you need to have a festival ticket of Friday or a Combi ticket, or you have already a valid bracelet of Friday or Combi.
  • - The camping stie opens on Friday at 13.00 and you have leave the camping stie on Monday before noon. 
  • - You have to park your car at the parking lot (and not on the camping stie).  There is an area only for campers on the camping site.
  • - Security can screen you luggage and do a pat-down. If forbidden items are found the police will be informed.
  • - Leave valuable items at home and never leave those items alone in your tent. The camping staff, nor the festival staff nor the organisation Afro-Latino vzw is responsable for theft
  • - The camping staff, nor the festival staff nor the organisation Afro-Latino vzw is responsable for all kinds of accidents on the parking lot, camping site or festival site.
  • - The camping site is divided in areas. Campers need to be parked in the specified area for campers.  The staff will guide you to your spot.
  • - At any time leave the fire corridor open !!  If not your tent, car or camper will be removed.
  • - At night (between 22.00 PM en 10.00 AM) please keep as quiet as possible.  We party on the festival site and sleep on the camping site...
  • - Keep your tent, camper and area clean. Please drop your garbage in the garbage cans.  The camping staff will hnd out garbage bags when you enter the camping site or when you ask for.  IF you return a full gabage bag to the camping staff, they will give a drinking ticket for the festival.

For your camper you to pay an extra 20 euros. 

Forbidden on the camping:

  • - Weapons: security and the police will take away your weapons or items that can be used as a weapon and take further legal actions
  • - Drugs, security and the police will take away your drugs or items that can be used as a drug and take further legal actions
  • - Animals, except dogs for assistance for a person with a disability
  • - Do not take furniture to the camping like big seats, swimming pools, etc.,... 
  • - Glass and bottle of glasses (exception: some botlles of parfum or medication)
  • - Shopping carts, transpallets, etc.,...
  • - Beer units an big amounts of alcoholic drinks
  • - Walky-Talkies
  • - Drones 
  • - Making fire, using a BBC set or a gaz cylinder outside the BBQ zone is not allowed (to avoid tents on fire)
  • - Vandalism, agressive behaviour and refusal to clean your garbage will mentioned to the security or Police. Police can remove you from the camping and festival site
  • - Power sets, music sets, vuvuzelas and other objects that can make a lot of noice
  • - Vandalism or atempts to open the gates around the camping and festival is forbidden. Police can remove you from the camping and festival site
  • - Commercial activities, like trade in food, alcohol, drugs, etc.,... is not allowed in any case
  • - Promotional activities, like give aways flyers, gadgets, etc.,... is not allowed
  • - Cars and  motorbikes need to park in the parking lot and are not allowed on the camping site.  There is a area for campers.

Who does not obey thes rules will be removed from the camping site and the festival without a claim for refunding your ticket.  Police will make a report. The rules for the festival are on, check the page Festival rules. 


Please help us out by putting away your own garbage yourself.  There are many gabage cans at close distance of your tent or camper. 


If you still have some questions, please send an email to  camping [at]