Festival rules

Admission checks

At the entrance you may be subject to a pat-down. If you refuse this you will be denied entrance. The secuirty personnel decides which items are allowed to be taken inside the festival. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY KIND OF BAG WITH YOU TO THE FESTIVAL IF NOT NECESSARY. If you need to bring any kind of bag with you, you will be subject to a pat-down and a screening of the bag.

To keep our festival safe and enjoyable, the following is not allowed:

- Making fire
- Professional foto- en videocameras
- Professional recording devices
- Umbrellas
- Weapons (and items that can be used as a weapon)
- Sharp and pointy objects

- Power engine, sound systems, and other sources of noise (vuvuzelas,...)
- Animals

- Drones
- Food and drinks
- Drugs are forbidden in Belgium, so also on the Afro-Latino festival (so also on the camping and parking site)
- Smoking cannabis in the vicinity of minors is a punishable offense.

Only standholders aproved by Afro-Latino vzw are allowed to sell their products.

Rules for visitors of the festival, including the camping site:

  1. every ticket has a unique barcode. You will be denied entry when you use a copied or reused ticket. You can be sued for ticket fraud.
  2. Tickets can not be refunded completely or partly, or replaced at any time, including in case of programchanges, program annulations or force majeure for Afro-Latino vzw, the organisation, visitor(s) or artists.
  3. Afro-Latino vzw, the organisation and third parties affiliated to the organisation can not be held responsable for any kind of dammage of visitors to the event, not inside the festival area or outside the festival area.
  4. Only Afro-Latino vzw, Paylogic and sales points mentionned on www.afro-latino.be / Tickets can sell tickets and ask for a ticket fee.  Non offical sellers or resellers will be sued. Do not buy tickets of non official sellers or resellers.
  5. No professional cameras and recording divices are allowed, nor glas, cans, umbrellas, weapons, sharp objects, animals, food and drinks brought by yourself, are not allowed aswell on the festival area.  The security staff dicide what is allowed or not, they can take your stuff and it keep aside. You can be scanned at the entrance.  When you refuse to be scanned, your entrance can be prohibited without refund. If security staff puts you outside the festival area, you can not come back in any more.
  6. Making fire or using forbidden products or doing acts that are prohibited by law you can be refused to enter or forced to leave the festival area, parking lot and camping site. Power engine, sound systems, and other sources of noise (vuvuzelas,...) and animals are not allowed on the festival site, parking lot and camping site.  The camping site has some specific rules, check them on www.afro-latino.be, page Camping site.
  7. If you take minors with you to the festival, you are all the time and in any case responsible for them. 
  8. On this event you can be filmed or photographed without permission.   You can not obtain rights herefor.
  9. there is a information office and a First aid office on the festival site.  At the box office there is an ATM to withdraw money.
  10. Your ticket will be exchanged into a festival wristband at the door. By any kind of fraud with a festival wristband the wristband will be taken off, you will be removed from the festival area and Afro-Latino vzw will report the incident to the police.
  11. While entering the festival, the campingarea or the parking lot you are accepting these rules as discribed above.