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Mini bio
in 2013 Don (MC), Keanu (Producer) & Steven (DJ) combined their creativity, experience, vision and qualities, and a new DJ act was born by the name of ChildsPlay. These Amsterdam-based artists are more than just some “lucky” creative talented guys. Dig a little deeper and you will find 3 determined, extremely motivated individuals whose work ethic and hustle is a testament to successful music artists in this day and age. Over the last 4 – 5 years ChildsPlay has become a staple of the Dutch scene, carving out no less than 1 diamond, 8 platinum and 18 gold discs for their music within the last couple of years nationally and internationally. In 2019 just before the pandemic, ChildsPlay was doing 200 shows a year with sold-out clubs and festival mainstages mostly national, followed by international summer tours in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria the U.K. and now also in Belgium.