Island Jam

17:30 - 19:00

Ivory Sound

Mini bio
IVORY SOUND is a Brussels based sound that started it off at the end of 2004. Mr Herbe, Junior, Rascal and Bredda J have played all over Belgium with sounds like Saxon, LP international, Mighty Crown, Blunt Posse, One Love High Powa, Warrior Sound, Runn Sound….and crossed the border to France and Germany a few times. They entered the sound clash ring in the end of 2006, winning the Soundboys Burial clash against Boom A Ranks Sound. In 2009 Ivory clashed against Sting Like a Bee from Germany and in 2011 they made their statement in the “Time 2 Shine: Soundkillers” clash. Clash vibes or Bashment Juggling Ivory Sound brings it in an authentic and entertaining style…