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Mini bio
Whenever you here the now famous Puri ́s famous producer tag "PURI ON THE BEAT", you can rest assured that a banger is about to raise the roof. Since the glow up of his global hit "Coño" Puri is shutting down clubs and festivals all over the world. Puri grew up in The Netherlands, but the hit producer has Indian origin. He has scored three major hits, with the songs ‘Coño’, ‘HUTS’ and ‘Naagin’. Coño is played in thousands of clubs and festivals, the song is endorsed by international stars such as: Hardwell, Diplo and DJ Snake. Even though Puri’s breakout hit was released in The Netherlands, it received many traction and love from all over the world. The Dutch Indian artist uses his roots as inspiration and integrates exotic influences into his music. These eastern influences in combination with his western upbringing, are illustrative in his hit ‘Naagin’. Puri’s song in collaboration with Bollywood-artists Akasa, Vayu and Aastha Gill was released by Sony Music India. The song went viral in India, even TikTok and Snapchat incorporated the song into their applications. The unique and infectious vibe of Puri's music will make you want to dance instantly. Puri's style has elements of club, pop, dancehall, moombahton and trap. Whether it is a pop-songor a club-banger, Puri's sound stays recognizable.