Island Jam

17:00 - 18:30


Mini bio
Get ready for the unparalleled Raggamuffin Whiteman. The favorite DJ of your mother, wife and daughter! He has been winning the hearts of partygoers worldwide for three decades. From the underground clubs of Sao Paulo to parties in Kiev, and from the sultry street parties in Kingston to festivals in enchanting Prague. Originally from the picturesque Bachten de Kupe in West Flanders, Raggamuffin Whiteman has made the world dance to his own unique sound. Prepare for a musical journey that will take you from the latest global sounds to timeless classics, because this experienced DJ knows how to throw a party like no other. With impressive expertise in dancehall, afrobeat, tropical bass and moombahton, he continues to enchant his audience with an unprecedented sense of tropical rhythms and irresistible danceability. This living legend is about to celebrate his impressive 30th anniversary, and you just have to experience it! So don't miss this unique anniversary tour and show some love ❤ for the one and only Raggamuffin Whiteman!