Mini bio
25 years ago, Sergent Garcia made Europe and America sway irresistibly from north to south. The term 'salsamuffin' that he coined condenses the fusion between rumba, ska, reggae, dancehall and Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, which are the result of his research into the musical heritage of Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Colombia... With more than 9 albums and 3 EPs that were awarded with international success, he has left his mark on many generations. His timeless music is renewed with every project, ranging from productions at home on machines, to recordings accompanied by musicians, dub versions made in his sailboat studio, live album... Every time we enjoy a new unique Sargento recipe! In 2024, Sergent Garcia will release a new album for the 25th anniversary of his group, which will be on the road entirely with him during his "SalsaMuffin Tour 2024": a remarkable formation of excellent musicians with a brass section, percussion, background singers, from Cuba, Spain, from Guyana and mainland France!” Anyone who remembers his unforgettable performance at Afro-Latino in 2008 knows that this will be an amazing party!